Managing Director EnSCo AG

Panagiotis Deriziotis

Cofounder of EnSCo AG. Has been involved in the Environmental and Energy markets since 2003 having worked initially as an analyst and later as a trader for power utilities and commodity trading companies in the USA, Greece and Switzerland. He holds advanced degrees in Environmental Engineering and in Energy Management and Policy from Columbia University (New York, USA). He completed his graduate studies on a scholarship from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME/SWPD) while contributing research as a Junior Research Associate at the Earth Engineering Center, a unit of the pioneering Earth Institute at Columbia University. Previously, he studied Earth Sciences at the University of Athens, focusing in Petroleum Geology and Geophysics.

EnSCo AG is a Swiss based power trading company bringing together highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in the sector:

  • Excellent knowledge of all the major power markets (Italy, Hungary and Germany)
  • Deep understanding of the C/SEE power trading reality
  • Solid fundamentals and technical analysis skills
  • Sophisticated hedging strategies (Cross-commodity, cross-market)
  • Expertise in forecasting models for most of the major markets
  • Modular / scalable operational platform
  • Self-financed activities