Chairman EnSCo AG

Elias P. Karidoyannis

Founder of EnSCo AG, an agile energy trade and energy services provider firm in Europe. Prior to establishing EnSCo, he was actively involved in electricity market operations and wholesale energy trade in Southeast Europe. These activities were undertaken through cooperation and  joint ventures with major European electricity market players.

Previously, and  over 25 years, he was an engineering consultant in the field of power systems generation and transmission planning, dealing with the associated technical, operational, and financial aspects of candidate projects and investment plans. He has performed a number of power generation studies dealing with supply side and demand side technologies in the power sector as well as feasibility studies dealing with the development of fossil fired thermal power plants, hydroelectric projects as well as renewable energy resources. Furthermore, during the initiation of the energy markets liberalisation in Southeast Europe, he had a leading role in a number of projects dealing with energy market structures.

He holds a BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University (Boston Mass. USA) and an MBA in Finance.

EnSCo AG is a Swiss based power trading company bringing together highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in the sector:

  • Excellent knowledge of all the major power markets (Italy, Hungary and Germany)
  • Deep understanding of the C/SEE power trading reality
  • Solid fundamentals and technical analysis skills
  • Sophisticated hedging strategies (Cross-commodity, cross-market)
  • Expertise in forecasting models for most of the major markets
  • Modular / scalable operational platform
  • Self-financed activities